Understanding the Impact of the Local Control Funding Formula

Public school districts across the state are now subject to a new funding allocation, the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). This formula takes Coronado Unified from the median to near the bottom in per-pupil funding as compared to other districts across the state. Your property values are directly affected by maintaining excellent public schools! Can we count on your support to bridge the funding gap and retain our home values?

Coronado Unified receives over $1,000 less per child than San Diego Unified. The chart below shows the funding per student (ADA) as compared with other unified school districts in San Diego County. Schools with English language learners and students from lower-income families now receive significantly higher funding. Coronado Unified is funded at 2007-08 levels with 2013-14 expenses. This deficit will have a devastating effect on our school district, possibly resulting in a dramatic decrease in skilled educators.  

First-rate schools sustain and increase property values. Much to everyone’s benefit, Coronado’s public schools boast an extraordinary record of achievement:

  • 97 percent of students graduate
  • 92 percent of graduates continue on with higher education
  • Coronado home values remained strong even during the recent economic downturn
  • Coronado Unified is the top-rated K-12 school district in San Diego County

Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF), the district’s nonprofit fundraising arm, supports academic and technology programs throughout the district. Thanks to the generosity of many, CSF returned over $700,000 to our five public schools for the 2013-14 school year, allowing our district to maintain its programs, and add new offerings in engineering, biotechnology, and project-based learning opportunities. Returning over 86% of its donations to programs, as evidenced by the audited financial statements, any contribution you make will directly benefit the academic standards that have helped to make our community and its successful graduates all they are now and in the future. Click here to see what programs CSF is funding this year.

Our 3,100 public school children need your help, whether your children are still in school or not. Every aspect of life in Coronado improves when our schools do their jobs and our teachers have the tools to teach. Please consider the severe situation facing our schools – a deficit of $1,000 per child.  Your gift of $250 or more will make a positive impact that starts in the classroom and extends across town to all citizens and property owners.  Every donation matters.  Make your donation today by clicking the GIVE NOW button at the top of this page.

Click here to read more about the LCFF, with input from CUSD Superintendent Dr. Jeff Felix and Assistant Superintendent Keith Butler.