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Posted 9 months, 3 weeks ago


Read the February 2018 CSF Times Print Newsletter.

Public Schools: Why Private Dollars?

Coronado is a Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) District. While property taxes are high, only a small portion funds education. Due to City Redevelopment Agency related laws from the 1980’s, a majority of property tax revenues are diverted to the state of California, rather than to Coronado Unified. As a result, Coronado is a LCFF district, and does not retain excess property taxes. Some districts – Basic Aid – do retain additional property tax revenue (see chart on back page). Coronado cannot be considered to qualify as a Basic Aid District until 2036 when the City of Coronado pays back Redevelopment loans. Due to our demographics, Coronado Unified receives $1,400 less per student than San Diego Unified. That results in nearly $4.5M less funding.

"Experiences provided to our students and staff through the Coronado Schools Foundation challenge, support, enrich and inspire. The generosity of donors and CSF’s commitment to our community defines the magic that differentiates our district from others, while captivating our students’ creativity, critical thinking and drive. Without over $800,000 in annual support, we would not have funding for STEAM pathways which excite students to come to school. I challenge our community to step up in financial support of CSF’s $1,000,000 goal."  --KARL MUELLER, Coronado Unified School District Superintendent

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