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Expert SAT & ACT Test Prep Classes Offered

Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago


Coronado Schools Foundation Helps Students Prepare For The Big Test With SAT & ACT Test Prep Classes

With years of teaching and professional experience, Steve Reiss knows everything you would ever need to know about the all-important, often stressed over SAT and ACT college assessment tests.

Partnering with the Coronado Schools Foundation to offer SAT and ACT Test Prep classes, this self-proclaimed “most boring author in San Diego” has written or edited over 60 books for people preparing to take the SAT, ACT and other tests. Approaching 400 test preparation seminars, Reiss has been teaching and tutoring since 1980, helping thousands of high schoolers be ready to do their best on some of the most important metrics colleges look at. After a hard week of school, test prep can be very dreary and demanding. Reiss likes to entertain his students with games and contests that make the day "not so bad."

In 2016, the SAT changed dramatically, reflecting the Common Core curriculum sweeping the nation, and Reiss has adjusted his curriculum to accommodate these changes. He begins his classes by reviewing how the test is scored and what constitutes a good score. He then discusses the SAT requirements for popular student destinations such as UCLA, Berkeley, SDSU and Ivy League Schools. Most importantly, Reiss goes over the test-taking strategies that help improve students' scores. For example, he covers time-saving test strategies that enable the student to finish the test on time. Also reviewed are all the vocabulary, grammar rules (and traps on the exam), along with math formulas that need memorizing. Much of the class time is spent going over the reading and calculator math sections. As they approach additional topics, such as grammar and non-calculator math, Reiss also illustrates how traps are being set by the College Board or where a time saving strategy is in order.

Coronado Schools Foundation’s SAT and ACT Test Prep classes, taught by Reiss, will be held Saturdays in April at the Coronado High School from 9 am to 12pm, just in time to prepare for the May 6 SAT and June 9 ACT test dates. The class is offered as a standalone SAT test prep on April 7, 14 and 21 for $199. An add-on ACT session will be held on April 28 for an additional $40. A supply fee to of $10 is included to cover College Board practice tests and review materials given to students each week. For more information and to register visit csfkids.org/enrichment or call the CSF office at 619-437-8059 ext. 3 or 4. Students are welcome to register from any school district, and need-based scholarships are available to students in Coronado Unified.

“All 3 of my children have benefited from Steve Reiss SAT seminars,” says Leah Beske of Coronado, “They are great refresher courses for material the kids may not have seen for a while and the price is certainly right! Steve really seems to stay current with SAT test standards and presents the material in a straight-forward, non-threatening way. My middle child's score went up nearly 100 points after Steve 'taught him how to write an essay.' I have recommended Reiss seminars for years!"

With college admissions a fierce competition, CSF’s Test Prep classes can help students be ready for what lies ahead, both on the day of the big test and for their future.

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