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Historic $1,000,000 Return To Our Schools In 2018-19

Posted 1 year ago


Your investment this year in Coronado’s public-school children has made it possible for the Coronado Schools Foundation to announce the historic milestone of a $1,000,000 return from our collective fundraising efforts this year!

CSF Board of Directors and staff wholeheartedly thank our donors, the community, and business partners for their strengthened commitment to making Coronado schools the best they can be. The contributions provided by CSF fuel our student's dreams and influence growth pathways for more than 3,100 school children..

CSF is YOU – our supporters - and together we take great pride in celebrating this one-million-dollar milestone. As a community, we remain committed to creating sustainable funding for our schools, teachers and students that depend on this support.

“Our schools rely on this funding to fuel innovative STEAM-inspired programs. As a 5th grade teacher at Silver Strand, I see the impact every day of CSF donations in our classrooms across all five campuses. We are so grateful for this historical level of support, fueling students’ passions in programs like engineering/robotics, choir and band, science labs, performing arts, and visual arts. Now we need our community’s commitment to make this record-breaking $1M return goal sustainable,” said Renee Cavanaugh, Board Chair. 

The culture of giving to Coronado schools has reached a new level, and right alongside this growth the Coronado Unified schools are growing and strengthening. “As a Coronado High School alum with my daughter Lily a future Islander, our Board is so very grateful for the exceptional support of the community through CSF this year,” commented Vice Chair Kellen Gill.  

Since CSF's inception in 1982 when the innovative founders worked out of a garage and returned a few thousand dollars for teacher grants, CSF has now returned over $10M in total, fueling $1M Site Program Grants for the 2018-19 school year.

Patty Cowan, Chief Executive Officer since 2004 added, "We did it in the second year of our three-year strategic plan to reach the $1M mark! I look forward to the community's pledge to continue their support of our schools in the years ahead, and for those who haven't yet to consider this a fabulous opportunity to support public education. What is more important that than providing funds to fuel classes that make children want to go to school each day? I am honored to work with such an amazing team and community who have made this possible."

CSF invites its donors and partners to realize the importance of sustainable growth for our Coronado schools and to continue thier commitment to our children for many years to come. Pledge your support today for the 2018-19 school year at csfkids.org/give or call 619-437-8059, ext. 5.

We did it! $1,000,000 raised for Coronado's public schools for 2018-19 from Coronado Schools Foundation on Vimeo.

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