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Skylark Wine Case Discount with CSF Donation

Posted 7 months, 1 week ago


Enjoy this delicious offer for a limited time!

Whether you are in search of a holiday gift or a nice bottle to add to the dinner table, Skylark Wines has the perfect variety to choose from.  The Pink Belly Rose of Grenache goes great with turkey and all of the fixings.  If you’re looking for the all-purpose pour try the Pinot Blanc for a light and crisp flavor. Or try the Red Belly blend if you are looking for a red that is not heavy after indulging is all the wonderful holiday treats!

Skylark Wine Company is proud to be a sponsor for the Coronado Schools Foundation and has offered to extend their “Havana Nights” offer through the end of year. With a $20 donation to Coronado Schools Foundation you can choose 12 bottles for $220 plus tax. Shipping within California is included and estimate 4-7 days for delivery. Must be 21 years or older to sign for delivery. 

Complete THIS FORM and mail with payment to:

Skylark Wines
129 Lunado Way
San Francisco, CA 94127

Or contact Robert Perkins at robert@skylarkwine.com or (415)613-0143

Thank you for supporting Coronado Schools Foundation this holiday season! 

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