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Hive 365 is part of the new brand identity, with the goal to have parents step up to be part of this buzzing hive of engaged community members by giving at least $1/day per child. Traditionally 25% of district parents have stepped up to make a donation as part of our Partners in Education campaign. For the 2016-17 school year, Coronado School’s Foundation’s Site Grants for the four campuses total.. <read more>

"Classes that CSF funds help students discover passions for real-world pathways like science, technology, art, engineering and sports medicine. Students come in over the summer, asking to tinker with engineering components. I find our students often discover their future college major by getting to explore these enrichment opportunities."  - Jenny Moore, CHS Principal

Help fuel success! Every dollar counts.

Make an impact.  Please donate today, whether a donation of cash or appreciated assets, and enjoy the corresponding tax benefits. Your donation of any amount will make a positive impact, starting in the classroom and reaching our overall community.

Thank you for fueling exceptional learning opportunities!