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Hive 365 is our goal to have parents step up to be part of this buzzing hive of engaged community members by giving at least $1/day per child annually. For the 2017-18, only 34% of our families donated any amount to our Partners in Education campaign. For the 2018-19 school year, our goal is to increase the participation rate to 40%.

Coronado Unified is funded in the lowest 7% of school districts across the state of California, simply due to our student’s demographics.  Please donate to maintain STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) programs, TK-12. The record $1M return from last year has been allocated through the Site Program Grants.

Experiences provided to our students and staff through the Coronado Schools Foundation challenge, support, enrich and inspire. The generosity of donors and CSF’s commitment to our community defines the magic that differentiates our district from others, while captivating our students’ creativity, critical thinking and drive.

Without over $800,000 in annual Site Program Grant support, we would not have funding for STEAM pathways which excite students to come to school. I challenge our community to continue to step up in financial support of CSF’s $1,000,000  return to the schools. 

-Karl Mueller, Coronado Unified Superintendent

Help fuel success! Every dollar counts.

Make an impact.  Please donate today, whether a donation of cash or appreciated assets, and enjoy the corresponding tax benefits. Your donation of any amount will make a positive impact, starting in the classroom and reaching our overall community.

Thank you for fueling exceptional learning opportunities!