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Your investment in our students is critical to maintain the record $1M in funding for the current school year.

Throughout the CSF fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th), funds are raised through donor annual giving campaigns, foundation grants, and two major benefit events: the fall Benefit Auction and spring Telethon.

During the school year, funds are returned for specific projects, annual fund-a-need at the Benefit Auction, private donor scholarships for graduating seniors, and designated donations. At the end of the school/fiscal year, the balance is divided equitably among the school sites through Site Program Grants.

Since the Foundation was incorporated in 1982, over $10.6 million dollars have been returned. Since the Local Control Funding formula was enacted by the California State legislature, in 2013, Coronado Unified School District now receives $1,500 less per child than San Diego Unified. This is simply due to our demographics. In addition, Coronado Unified is not a Basic Aid District. That means that property taxes, while high, do not stay locally. They are sent to Sacramento and distributed across the state based on the Local Control Funding Formula.

Each year, the CSF Board of Directors provides Program Funding Guidelines to Coronado Unified for each campus’ leadership team to follow each spring when developing their site’s Program Funding Grant Request for approval by the CUSD Director of Learning and District Technology Resource Teacher. Once approved, these proposals are submitted to the CSF Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors for review and a formal presentation is made to the Board. 

2018-19 Program Funding

CSF returned a record $1,000,000 in total funding to Coronado Unified including special projects, event support, scholarships for graduating seniors and Site Program Grants.  For the 2018-19 school year, Site Program Grants totaled $885,450 to the schools as follows*:

Silver Strand Elementary - $115,619

Silver Strand Stats

View detailed proposal and funding breakdown HERE.

• Cross Curricular Technology Lab (TRT) Teacher 
• Academic Support & Enrichment (ASE) Teachers 
• Science/Engineering Teacher 
• Library Technician
• Visual & Performing Arts Teacher
• Band & Choir Teachers

Village Elementary & Early Child Development Center - $218,764

Village Elementary Stats

View detailed proposal and funding breakdown HERE.

• Cross Curricular Technology Lab (TRT) Teacher 
• Early Reading Intervention Techer 
• Choir Teacher
• Band Teacher 
• Visual & Performing Arts Teacher 


Coronado Middle School - $213,614

Coronado Middle School Stats

View detailed proposal and funding breakdown HERE.

• Technology Resource Teachers
• Engineering Teacher & Robotics
• KCMS Broadcasting Teacher & Equipment
• Art Teacher, Materials & Art Club  
• Performing Arts Teacher  
• Digital Media & Film Teacher
• Intro to Coding Teacher
• Science Lab & Math Support
• Curriculum & Professional Development  

Coronado High School – $337,453

Coronado High School Stats

View detailed proposal and funding breakdown HERE.

• Enrichment Experiences: Career Day, Field Studies, PE Pool time, Improv Club, Woodworking Materials 
• Technology Resource Teacher 
• Science Labs & Math Calculators  
• Visual Arts Teacher & Program
• Music Teachers 
• Sports Medicine Teacher & HOSA Enrichment 
• Engineering Teacher & Robotics Team
• Professional Development
• Social Studies & English Technology

*Please note this includes $20,000 in approved carryover funds and $30,000 for the Fall Lipp Grant for math/science. It does not include funds returned during the school year for special projects, scholarships, Telethon support, and designated donations. 

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