Fundraising Committee

Chair:  Bridget Carlson 

It shall be the duty of the Fundraising Committee to assess annually its donor engagement approaches, and develop diverse and effective fundraising strategies are used in order to maximize the financial return to CUSD schools. The Fundraising Committee shall have only the duties delegated to it by these Bylaws or otherwise delegated to it by the Board of Directors.  The Fundraising Committee shall not act as a replacement for the Board.  This committee’s responsibilities include the following:

  1. General. The Fundraising Committee will oversee a development plan for the Board, which includes fundraising campaigns, business development, fundraising events, donor events and an annual assessment of each event and campaign (the “Development Plan”). 
  2. Development Plan.  The Fundraising Committee will review and approve for recommendation to the Board, the annual Development Plan as presented by the Corporation’s Director of Development and CEO.
  3. Annual Fundraising Events.  The Fundraising Committee will oversee and execute the following Corporation annual fundraising events, subject to Board approval: (a) the Fall Benefit Auction event in conjunction with the Fall Benefit Auction Chairperson and/or committee and (b) the Spring Telethon. 
  4. “Friend-Raising” Events.  The Fundraising Committee will develop and implement, following Board or Executive Committee approval, “friend-raising”, such as Concert in the Park events. 
  5. Donor Engagement.  The Fundraising Committee will develop and recommend methods to increase donor engagement through activities and events.
  6. Collaboration.  The Fundraising Committee will coordinate and increase collaboration between the Corporation and other groups within CUSD.
  7. Annual Assessments.  The Fundraising Committee will conduct annual assessments for all of the Corporation’s events and campaigns. 

Have an idea for CSF to raise funds? 

We appreciate our donors and greater community’s interest in our work.  If you have an idea for an event, promotion, campaign, etc., that you think would raise funds for Coronado public schools through the Coronado Schools Foundation, please complete the form below (attach a budget if applicable) and send to Director of Development at We will confirm receipt and get back to you after the appropriate committee(s) have reviewed your idea.  Thank you in advance for caring about our schools and work.  

Download CSF Project Request Form >