Marketing Committee

Chair:  Jamie Tuckey

It shall be the duty of the Marketing Committee to ensure a high degree of awareness of the Corporation’s mission, purpose and support of CUSD, through segmented and consistent messaging to the Corporation’s stakeholders (students, parents, community, CUSD teachers and staff).  The Marketing Committee shall have only the duties delegated to it by these Bylaws or otherwise delegated to it by the Board of Directors.  The Marketing Committee shall not act as a replacement for the Board.  This committee’s responsibilities include the following:

  1. Increase Donor Engagement.  The Marketing Committee will increase donor engagement across all stakeholder groups, leveraging all methods and advocacy methods that include earned media for each stakeholder group, as well as digital, print and social media channels.
  2. Corporation’s Message.  The Marketing Committee will ensure that there is  consistent messaging coming from the Corporation as approved by the Board or Executive Committee, and that all messaging will be customized to segmented stakeholder groups for the purpose of engaging and increasing donor activity.
  3. Annual Review.  The Marketing Committee will annually review the Corporation’s branding to effectuate compelling, streamlined and themed materials that are consistent and clear to all stakeholder groups.