Pam Sauter

Pam has lived in Coronado since 2006 and became a Coronado Schools Foundation Board Member in 2015. Pam has two children in the Coronado Schools – Ryan is at Coronado High School and Garrett is at Coronado Middle School. In addition to being students, both Ryan and Garrett are actively involved in school and community sports programs.

Pam has a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations, and a Bachelor of Science in Employment Relations and Psychology from Michigan State University. Pam is a Human Resource professional who worked at Qualcomm for nearly 20 years, and has prior work experience in Human Resources from IBM, Warner Lambert (Schick Razors), Budget Rent a Car, and CW Multilayer Products Group. She is also a member of the Advisory Board for the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations at Michigan State University.

Pam serves as Board Secretary.