Past Chairmen and Presidents List

Coronado Schools Foundation has a small dedicated professional staff. In order to continue to financially return as much as possible to the schools, it relies on a dedicated team of volunteers on the Board of Directors and within the community and schools.

The Foundation recognizes the following individuals who served as Chairman/President in past years and gave endless hours of time, talents, and energy "to benefit Coronado's public schools." Their leadership has enabled CSF to grow and our students to prosper. We greatly appreciate their contributions and commitment to our community.  We always need new and great volunteers. Picture your name here!

2016-2017 Jim Grady
Chris Searles, MD
2013-2014 Jim Grady
2011-2013 Tom DeSanto

2010-2011 Terry Farrelly
2009-2010 Spiro Chaconas
2008-2009 Tim Irving
2007-2008 Jeffrey Kob
2006-2007 Toni Aden
2005-2006 Rick Shaughnessy
2004-2005 Pam Hammett
2003-2004 Ed Moore
2002-2003 Kim Tolles
2001-2002 Mark W. Andrews
2000-2001 Lyndsey Arendsee
1999-2000 Scott Metzger
1998-1999 Pete Litrenta

1997-1998 Sondi Arndt
1996-1997 Debby Syverson
1995-1996 Gary Kennedy
1994-1995 Bob Watson
1993-1994 Nancy Eckenroth
1992-1993 Ed Lohlein
1991-1992 Carolyn Parry
1990-1991 Bill McLaurin
1989-1990 Art Wilcox
1988-1989 Karol McClellend
1987-1988 Paula Bingham Couture
1985-1987 Vicky Beaubien
1983-1985 Gerry Brummitt
1982-1983 Tom Kennedy