Program Committee

Chair:  Claudia Gallant

It shall be the duty of the Program Committee to disseminate the Corporation’s funds in a fair and equitable manner, in line with what the Coronado community values and based on CUSD’s areas of need.  The Program Committee shall have only the duties delegated to it by these Bylaws or otherwise delegated to it by the Board of Directors.  The Program Committee shall not act as a replacement for the Board.  This committee’s responsibilities include the following:

  1. Oversight of Programs.  The Program Committee will provide oversight and ongoing examination and review for (a) programs operated directly by the Corporation, and (b) CUSD programs funded by the Corporation. 
  2. Site Program Grants.  The Program Committee will oversee the Site Program Grants for each of the CUSD schools sites (each a “Site”) through a documented protocol, consistent with CUSD curricular priorities and long-term vision, and as approved by the Board.
  3. Annual Review of Grant Guidelines.  The Program Committee will review annually the Site Program Grant guidelines and funding formulas, and provide recommended changes as deemed appropriate for funding initiatives to the Board for consideration, such as pathway programs K-12, “STEAM” focused (represents science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), preparation of students for college and career readiness, summer enrichment programs and other areas to supplement and enhance California state curriculum.